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Videos subtitulados en ingles gratis para aprender ingles con listening:WWE Raw 3-29-10 Shawn Michaels Farewell Speech Part 2/2

00:00 And, Adam, thank you for making me look like a superstar.
00:13 And then, of course... ['One more match']
00:28 You know, can I tell you something? I know, how a lot of people feel about career-ending matches.
00:40 And I know that there are a lot of people that are gonna be skeptical of my decision.
00:47 And I understand that. But I do wanna tell ya. I don't - I think about it - but I don't wanna go back on my word to you.
00:56 I don't wanna go back on my word to The Undertaker.
01:07 And... For 20+ years I have done my best to be a pretty open book in front of all of you. I don't hide a lot from you when I come out here, because it's just easier for me to be who I am.
01:21 And I don't.... I wanna honor my word to you. I wanna honor my word to you, I wanna honor my word to The Undertaker.
01:36 So I appreciate the 'One more match', but I'm gonna do everything in my power to make sure that doesn't happen.
01:55 And there is one other guy I gotta thank. And I gotta thank Bret Hart.
02:12 I cannot tell you how much, back in the 90s, I drove that poor guy crazy.
02:23 And everything he's ever said about me, he had every right to say it.
02:29 And I wanna thank him for forgiving me.
02:36 For understanding, accepting and believing that I knew that I made the mistakes,
02:45 I was changed and I would forever honor his friendship if he'd ever take the chance and give it back to me. And I thank him for giving me that opportunity.
03:08 And then there is Vincent Kennedy McMahon.
03:18 Now, I honestly don't know if I get in trouble for mentioning his name or not, but I'm going to, anyway.
03:23 It's my farewell speech and I'll say what I wanna say.
03:31 But there is absolutely no way I could work for anybody else.
03:38 After you have worked under that crazy son of a gun for 20+ years, there's no way I'll be able to do a regular gig ever again.
03:53 I gotta thank him for his patience with me, because the only guy I drove more crazy than Bret Hart was Vince McMahon.
04:06 You know, and I know that he gave me the opportunity here to do what I loved to do.
04:16 But I have to tell ya: I've got to thank him for not allowing me to make even bigger mistakes that I made.
04:26 I was on a crash course going nowhere.
04:30 And I know, sometimes it was ugly. But I tell ya, if that guy had not kept me on course, I would not be here today.
04:38 So, Vince, thanks for putting up with me, man.
04:48 And last but not least, there is each and every one of you.
05:17 I have got to travel all over the world.
05:24 I have got to meet millions of people.
05:30 I have got to listen to each and every one of you for the majority of my life.
05:37 I have spent more of my adult life with each and every one of you than I have my own family.
05:46 And I tell ya: I don't say that with regrets. I thank you all so much for giving me the honor and the privilege to come out here and let me show off in front of you every night of my life.
06:40 And, of course, my lord and savior, Jesus Christ. I thank you, my king, for saving me.
06:54 And to Rebecca, Cheyenne and Cameron: Babies. Daddy's coming home.
07:05 This is how we started and this is how we're gonna end.
07:09 Ladies and Gentlemen. 'The Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels has left the building.
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