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Videos subtitulados en ingles para aprender ingles con listening:Smackdown 29/01/2010 DX, Rey Mysterio and S.E.S segment

DX makes fun of S.E.S

00:35 I see the army is here. And...
01:31 Shawn, you know I respect you immensely, man.
01:36 But I feel, that you have no respect for me.
01:40 You know, I've been watching Raw. Don't get me wrong. I've been following you.
01:45 And all I keep hearing from you is how you gonna win the Royal Rumble and move on to WrestleMania and face The Undertaker.
01:58 I see that you have your own conclusion laid out for this Sunday.
02:04 Do you really think The Undertaker's gonna beat me and retain the World Championship?
02:17 That's exactly what I think. And what I wanna know is, what you're doing coming out here and getting in my face?
02:27 Hold on a second. Just calm down a second here, Rey. You come out here with a bunch of bass in your voice looking for a fight.
02:35 Unfortunately Hornswoggle's not here this week. So run along.
02:43 Oh you think that was funny, ha? You wanna make jokes?
02:47 You wanna brag jokes. I'll tell you a good joke. This Sunday, I'm gonna do something neither of you could do at WrestleMania.
02:58 I will do something, that you will never have a chance to do again. And that's beat The Undertaker.
03:11 Oh yeah? What happens if you don't make it to the Rumble?
03:18 What happens, if YOU don't make it to the Rumble? I mean if there's a problem, Shawn, we can take care of it right here in this ring - tonight.
04:13 Rey Mysterio. You gotta be high on some sort of illegal pharmaceutical substance.
04:25 I just hear you say, you watched Raw and you heard, what Shawn had to say.
04:30 Oh please try watching Smackdown 'cause you need to realize, that tonight The Straight Edge Society becomes the first ever Straight Edge World Unified Tag Team Champions.
04:53 I came out here for a reason. I came out with a purpose. I'm here to lead my crusade.
05:02 And I've brought my disciples Luke Gallows and the beautiful Serena with me.
05:14 Punk, I have been watching Smackdown. And I've gotta say: Well I am relieved to know that your straight.
05:25 This whole 'I don't drink' thing. I don't think anybody really gives a crap, you know what I mean?
05:38 You're looking at three people, who give a crap. And don't you try to pretend, you know anything about me or you know anything about Straight Edge, or you know anything about my Society. You're wrong.
05:50 No, No, No. Your right, I don't know anything about it. I don't get it, Punk.
05:56 That's the thing. I don't get it. I mean: You don't drink, you don't do drugs, you don't smoke. OK. Neither do I.
06:04 But then again: I don't look like I've been in a week-long crack-binge with Amy Winehouse.
06:14 I'm just sayin'. Have a little pride, man. Pick yourself up, clean yourself off.
06:19 Maybe take that clippers out of the bag, shave that squirrel off you got on your chin.
06:28 Do yourself a favor. Grab a shower. 'Cause I don't know if it's you, the lobotomy man or Britney Spears right there. But one of you's got a bad taste of swamp butt.
06:40 Are you done? Is amateur comedy hour over? Because I came here to clame those Tag Titles.
06:55 Hold on a minute there, playas. Now I tell you what.
06:59 This ain't going down like this. And I tell you why. Because this is the WWE.
07:07 And when opportunity knocks, things always have a tendency to change.
07:14 So CM Punk, Luke Gallows! You won't be getting your Unified Tag Team Title Match tonight.
07:22 Oh. Excuse me. What?
07:26 Oh yeah
07:27 Why?
07:28 Well I tell you why. Because tonight, we gonna do it even bigger.
07:33 For the first time ever right here on Smackdown tonight: Rey Misterio will go one on one with 'The Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels.
07:55 Oh and by the way, Punk. I know that you're expecting to compete in a match tonight.
08:02 And that's exactly, what you gonna do. Because right now, your going to go one on one with 'The Game' Triple H.


laid out - relieved - pride -
laid out: trazado; relieved: aliviado; pride: orgullo;
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