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Videos para aprender ingles online gratis:The Love Story

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00:15Look at them all lean in as I tell this story....
00:21It starts out sickeningly sweet. I was in am musical, Cinderella, and I was Cinderella
00:27and the guy who played the prince and I started to date
00:34and we got pretty serious and then he was trying to get rid of an ex who kept bothering him and so he decided to come to Japan to teach English and we, all during the summer we had plans you know.
00:48I would come and visit and that kind of stuff.
00:51We were really excited about it and he was a model at the agency, at the same agency where I was an actor and....
00:58so we had the same agent. He went to Japan and was teaching and we were writing back and forth
01:05"looking forward to seeing you" all that kind of stuff and I was having lunch with my agent one day
01:13and telling her that I had started taking Japanese and I had been planning out my trip and I was very excited about this whole thing and she says,
01:20"JJ, I don't know how to tell you this." And I'm thinking,"Oh, my god! What?"
01:25And she says, "Yeah, um, Richard's ex-girlfriend flew out to Japan and they got married."
01:32Oh, my god!
01:37Oh, no!
01:38Yeah! Yeah!
01:40How did you feel?
01:44Like I needed a ladder to get on a piece of paper, really, I mean it was, it was a devastating, you know that first broken love kind of thing, but..
01:54Did you hear from him afterwards?
01:57Yeah, we were always just friends apparently.
02:00Yeah, so not only adding the "insult to the industry", "insult the industry",
02:08is that what I meant to say "insult to injury" was him just saying that we were always just friends.


sickeningly - get rid of - back and forth - afterwards
sickeningly: asquerosamente; get rid of: deshacerse; back and forth: From side to side; afterwards: after a while;
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