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Mejora tu ingles gratis con listening:The Visitor

00:02 Hey Leath! Do you want to go ahead and talk about the story you we're going to say?
00:07 OK, um, yeah, this was about, I'd say a year and a half ago and it was in Harare, the capital, where my mom lives.
00:18 I was on holiday back home seeing my mom and anyway it's a Sunday morning and I was in the shower, got up pretty late, it must have been about half ten,
00:29 and all of a sudden my mom burst into the shower and said," Leath, Leath, there's a snake, there's a snake in the kitchen".
00:36 And so I thought, "Ah, what kind of snake would this be" cause we live in the capital, residential area, almost high-rise.
00:47 Well, not high rise, but residential area.
00:53 And so I put a towel around my waist and walked bad-temperedly throught to the kitchen.
00:59 Um, attached to the kitchen we've got this little courtyard, where we set out to have morning coffee and breakfast. It's tiled and leads onto a small garden.
01:07 And so I walked out onto the courtyard and there was a seven foot Egyptian cobra! Wow.
01:13 I was really, really blow away because I know a bit about snakes and I know that a bite from an Egyptian cobra in a country where antidote isn't readily available is almost certainly fatal.
01:29 And, there we were, mom and I, with a seven foot Egyptian cobra slithering between the courtyard and our kitchen.
01:38 And, eventually, we trapped it in the courtyard and I went to fetch guys who work for national parks.
01:46 National parks are the guys who kind of look after animal problems within the city,
01:51 and, uh, brought them around, and we were hoping that they were going to catch it because Zimbabwe isn't so rich at the moment and stuff like that.
02:00 They don't have the facilities to keep caught animals so unless it's endangered they just shoot it, so the guy shot our seven foot cobra.
02:10 Oh, they shot it, uh!
02:13 Yeah, and we had to bury it out back.
02:15 Really, well, still I'm glad, you just didn't want to be bitten or anything.
02:20 No, no. No way.
02:22 What a story!


high rise - bad-temperedly - courtyard - readily - fetch -

high rise: gran altura; bad-temperedly: mal humor; courtyard: patio; readily: facilmente; fetch: buscar;
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