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domingo, 13 de abril de 2014

Listening online gratis con videos:Cactus Jack Returns 1/13/00 (Full Segment)

00:24 Triple H - that is ENOUGH! ["Foley! Foley!"]
00:37 Is this what you get off on? Making fun of me - how much more do you want from me? First...
00:48 you take away my job - then you bring this idiot out there, and you take away my dignity.
00:57 Then, Monday night, in what should have been the greatest night of my life when I was reinstated on RAW is WAR,
01:08 you take me, and you ruin my shirt, and you ruin my face, and I'll be honest, when I stepped into that shower and I let the cold water run down on my head, and I look down on that blood as it swirled around in that shower drain,
01:28 I started thinking a little bit about what Mankind was.
01:37 Now, Mankind - is an entertaining son of a gun;
01:44 Mankind - is a pretty damn good author;
01:50 Mankind - is one tough SOB.
02:00 And Mankind is one hell of a fighter.
02:06 So it saddens me to say that after the beating you gave me on Monday night, one thing Mankind is not - is ready to face you in a street fight at the Royal Rumble in Madison Square Garden.
02:27 Because you are, without a doubt, The Game.
02:32 You are the best in the business right now...
02:37 And as you said, well, Mankind in some ways is nothing more than a beaten up, pathetic fool,
02:49 but I think the WWF fans deserve a substitute in that match...
02:58 what I'm gonna do, Triple H, is I'm gonna name him right now, as a matter of fact, I think you know the guy...
03:15 ...and I think you know him pretty damn well - his name is CACTUS JACK!
03:28 And his first official act, as part of the WWF, is to kick your teeth all over the city of Chicago!
05:08 Triple H - at the Royal Rumble - you're gonna make me bleed?
05:15 I've got some news for you - it will not be the first time, and it sure as hell will not be the last, because I've got an awful lot of blood to give!
05:34 But as far as you - you look into my eyes and realise I mean every word when I tell you I'm gonna tear you apart in New York City!
05:53 And then... I will take what you hold dearest - I'm talking about your cherished WWF championship belt -
06:06 I will take it - and it will be MINE - MINE - ALL MINE! Bangbang!


swirled - drain - all over the city - awful - tear you apart - as far as you - hold dearest - cherished
swirled: arremolinado; drain: desague; all over the city: por toda la ciudad; awful: horrible; tear you apart: destrozarte; as far as you: en cuanto a ti; hold dearest: mas querido; cherished: apreciado;

Listening online gratis:HBK and Triple H talk about undertaker and wrestlemania raw march 1/2010

00:15 There is a buzz around the WWE locker room and after last week everybody thinks that I'm crazy for putting my career on the line against The Undertaker at WrestleMania.
00:38 As I walk the halls of the WWE locker room...
00:44 I see my peers and I look them in the eye and all they can do is look away. I see them standing over in the corner whispering...
00:56 and when I look at them they look away. Not a one of them believes in me.
01:07 Not one of them believes that I can defeat The Undertaker at WrestleMania.
01:19 Now, I recognize... the undefeated streak is 17 - 0 but I also recognize that absolutely nobody has given The Undertaker a run for their money the way that I have.
01:39 And I also know - I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, I know as an undeniable fact that every man, woman and child on the face of god's green earth knows that I am Mr. WrestleMania!
02:07 And I believe that I can end The Undertaker's undefeated WrestleMania-streak.
02:18 But for all my peers who don't believe in me, I'm gonna give you an opportunity.
02:27 I want you, whoever you may be, to come out here...
02:34 look me in the eye, man to man and tell me
02:42 You know why I know that? Look me in my eye Shawn. This is not about these people, not about those cameras, this is between you and me right now.
02:52 That's it, honest to god truth. I have wrestled everybody in this business for the last 15 years or so - anybody who is anyone in this business.
03:03 I have stood in this ring and looked across the ring and looked in their eyes. I've wrestled them all.
03:09 And I can tell you honestly Shawn from the bottom of my heart. You're the best I've ever been in the ring with!
03:21 You wanna talk about these guys not believing you in the back? You wanna talk about walking around the locker room and your peers don't believe in you?
03:30 The truth is Shawn in that locker room you have no peers.
03:35 You're in a class by yourself and on that night, that night right there.. you truly are Mr. WrestleMania!
03:53 Now, Shawn the Road to WrestleMania always takes you and I down different paths...
04:02 and I can tell you with a hundred percent certainty that DX will never die...
04:14 but it's gonna be a long time before they see you and I in this ring together again.
04:21 Now, I hate for that last image of you and I in this ring to be of us losing the WWE Tag Team Championships to Miz and Big Show.
04:37 That's why I've invoked our rematch clause... tonight!
04:57 I believe... I-I appreciate everything you've said and I appreciate the opportunity for the tag team belts but we are going down separate paths and I'm...
05:21 Shawn, you're right. We are going down separate paths, man. But it's not about tag team championships.
05:30 As a matter of fact if you're tag team champion technically you don't even have to defend the title - for what, 30 days right?
05:39 Well, 28 days from now will be Monday Night RAW - the night AFTER WrestleMania.
05:50 The Night after you wrestled The Undertaker with your career on the line
05:59 and I say from now - you and I come out here and we throw a celebration like only DX can throw.
06:11 Because now you will be known as the man that ended The Undertaker's streak at WrestleMania.
06:24 It's got nothing to do with being tag team champions, Shawn. It's gotta do with believe - my believe in you.
06:34 Because I believe that you will still be here the night after WrestleMania.
06:45 I BELIEVE that The Undertaker's streak at WrestleMania will have come to an end.
06:53 I BELIEVE that your career will be alive and well and I believe that you will BEAT The Undertaker.
07:09 Now, Shawn that's just what I believe. What do you believe?
07:32 I believe we have some tag team titles to win tonight!


buzz - halls - whispering - undeniable - I have stood - peers
buzz: rumores; halls: salas; whispering: susurrando; undeniable: innegable; I have stood: me he parado; peers: compañeros;

Ingles online gratis con videos:WWE Raw 3/15/10 Bret Hart Vince McMahon Contract Sign In Part 1/2

04:03 Sit!
04:14 Now we get down to business: Since I have both of you guys in the ring I wanna take care of a piece of business, before we get to this piece of business.
04:26 You know last year, Stone Cold Steve Austin went into the Hall of Fame and it was one of the proudest moments of my life because after fifteen years of rolling up and down the road being in the ring - this very ring, another ring, it's what ain't matter -
04:42 and being in front of people like this I go into the Hall of Fame. That's something I'm very proud of, Vince.
04:52 And this year, Stu Hart was supposed to go into the Hall of Fame. Sit your ass down!
05:09 Sit down or I'll knock you down. And for some reason, just because you're Vince McMahon, that you got to say so, that Stu Hart is not going into the WWE Hall of Fame.
05:26 And if anybody deserves to go, it's your father, for training some of the best wrestlers and the ever greats of this ring, along with Bret and the rest of the Hart-boys.
05:37 So I'm here tonight to officially announce, that Stu Hart IS going into the WWE Hall of Fame.
05:53 Do you have a problem with that?
06:01 No, actually I don't.
06:07 Your dad's gonna be inducted into the Hall of Fame. That means the entire Hart Family is going to be there and if the entire Hart Family is there, you and I know each and every member of the Hart Family who's ever stepped foot in this ring is a dysfunctional derelict.
06:28 But Bret, you're different. You're a dysfunctional handicapped derelict.
06:39 So Bret let's get down to business. You could not sign this contract and prove that you're a coward, or you sign it and take your beating like a man at WrestleMania.
06:56 But if you do sign it, Bret, it's ironclad.
07:03 And if you don't show up, I will sue you for everything you have.
07:20 It wouldn't matter if both my legs were broken. Because I CAN and I WILL beat you, Vince McMahon.
07:29 But I got one little problem. I don't want this to be a wrestling match.
07:35 You don't want this to be a wrestling match. This is gonna be a FIGHT! This is gonna be a full-on massacre.
07:43 This is gonna be complete annihilation. So I want this to be a No Holds Barred Match. What do you think of that?
08:03 In the immortal words of Stone Cold Steve Austin: Hell yeah! You know, Bret. Once again you've done it. Some time ago in Montreal I've stated 'as a matter of fact: Bret screwed Bret' The last couple of weeks I've enjoyed it, the last couple of months as well.
08:21 I've enjoyed that Vince has screwed Bret. But now here you are again, Bret, with that stipulation, No Holds Barred.
08:29 Once again, Bret has screwed Bret.
08:41 Now, sign it!
09:39 There we have it. It is official. At WrestleMania: Bret 'The Hitman' Hart vs. Vince McMahon in a No Holds Barred Match.
09:50 If you're ready for Hitman vs. McMahon, gimme a 'Hell, Yeah'.
09:59 And I'm looking forward


get down to business - inducted - derelict - ironclad
get down to business: vamos al grano; inducted: incluido; derelict: abandonado; ironclad: irrompible;

Ingles online con videos:WWE Raw 3/15/10 Bret Hart Vince McMahon Contract Sign In Part 2/2

00:03 to seeing you take the worst ass-whipping of your life.
00:34 There is one thing, I forgot to tell you.
00:42 Oh, hell I let Bret tell you himself.
00:52 Tell me...
01:10 I don't need this, and I don't need this.
01:21 What I needed was, that you gonna think that I was hurt. I'm not gonna go into a big long detailed explanation about how hard it was to flip that little stunt that looked like I broke my leg.
01:33 Thank god, John Cena knows somebody in the stuntman-business.
01:38 What you need to know, Vince McMahon is, that I am one-hundred percent.
01:48 If you try to find some way to back out of this match, I'm gonna sue you for everything you're worth.
02:00 For thirteen years you said 'Bret screwed Bret'.
02:05 You know what I say tonight: 'Vince screwed Vince'. Anybody want a souvenir?


stunt - sue - you're worth - souvenir
stunt: doble; sue: demandar; you're worth: lo que vales; souvenir: recuerdo;

Aprende ingles con videos:WWE Raw (2004) - William Regal & Triple H Segment - 8/2/04

00:01 Eugene(x7). Get out of here now.
00:19 Dear dear dear dear.
00:27 Someone has lost their temper, haven't they?
00:31 I hate to be the one to inform you, lad, but, Eugene isn't here this week. You honestly don't think that I would lead that lamb to slaughter, no no no no.
00:47 What kind of a man do you think would let Eugene into the building last week?
00:55 Rather perplexing question, isn't it? What kind of a diabolical villain do you think would tell Eugene to get involved in your match?
01:06 It was me, sunshine!
01:13 You see, me and you know each other very well indeed, don't we?
01:17 Let me give you people a little history lesson. Eleven years ago, me and you were a tag team in WCW.
01:23 In fact, I was your mentor, wasn't I? Yes indeed I was.
01:28 What can I say? I mean, let's face facts - some people, people like us, we're just born naughty, we are. That's why we gravitated toward each other.
01:40 And if you would have used and abused anyone else except for that poor, dear boy Eugene, I would have applauded your cunning.
01:52 But for a clever man like yourself...
01:57 it was very foolish to take advantage of a disadvantaged boy.
02:02 Because now, you've made an enemy out of me!
02:10 And if you want to fight, look no bloody further! Because I will quite gladly now, go and change into my ring attire, and I will join you back in that ring, and I will BATTLE YOU with EVERY OUNCE of VILE AND VENOM that RUNS THROUGH MY VEINS!


lead - lamb - slaughter - naughty - cunning - quite - gladly - attire - VENOM
lead: llevar; lamb: cordero; slaughter: matadero; naughty: travieso; cunning: astucia; quite: muy; gladly: gustosamente; attire: traje; VENOM: vena;

:Aprende ingles gratis con videos:General Manager Theodore Long addresses the WWE Universe

00:02 Ladies and Gentleman. Last Sunday at the first ever "Tables, Ladders & Chairs"-Pay-Per-View The Undertaker successfully defended his World Heavyweight Championship against Batista.
00:20 Now, due to Batista being unsuccessful at TLC, tonight we will determine a new Number-1-Contender to face The Undertaker for the World Heavyweight...
00:35 Hold on... Hold, hold, hold, hold on.
00:39 There's no need to look for a Number-1-Contender. Your Number-1-Contender is right here.
00:49 Now, you robbed me last Sunday and I told you to make it right.
00:56 And this is not my idea of making it right.
01:00 So this is the last time I'm gonna tell you: Make it right.
01:08 There is nobody back there or anywhere who wanna face me for the Number-1-Contender spot anyway.
01:17 So this is what you gonna do: You gonna give me another title shot to make this right.
01:27 You hear me?
01:32 Do I need to go over there and pick up a chair? You don't need to have a match for the Number-1-Contender, I'm your Number-1-Contender.
01:42 I already told you...
01:56 You said there is nobody back there. I'm right here, Dave. I wanna challenge you, Batista.
02:03 You think because you dress up fly, because you ask to have the spotlight on you, that you are the man?
02:14 You think you are the man? Batista, you're nothing but a bully.
02:28 See, there's one thing you never understood about me, Dave.
02:33 You always saw me as the little guy, almost if you had sympathy for me.
02:39 You never had the time to look at what's inside of me.
02:45 And unlike you, I have heart, carnal. Yo si tengo corazon.
02:56 To come to my conclusion, Dave, the best way for me to get back at you is to make sure that you never-never-hold that World Heavyweight Championship again.
03:10 Wait. Wait! All right, Rey. Rey, I hear you player. Now, Batista, you can hear me too. Tonight you will go one-on-one with Rey Mysterio...
03:25 After I beat him I will get my rematch?!
03:27 ...and that will determine the Number-1-Contender. You see, Batista... hold on a minute... you see, this is going to be a straight-up wrestling match.
03:38 And what that means: Ain't gonna be no chairs, player. You can lose this match by pinfall, count-out, submission or disqualification.
03:51 Tell you what, not only will the winner become the Number-1-Contender,
03:58 but next week, right here on SmackDown, Christmas Night, the winner will get a special Christmas present, when they face the World Heavyweight Champion, The Undertaker.


spotlight - dress up fly - bully - pinfall
spotlight: centro de atencion; dress up fly: vestido como mosca; bully: maton; pinfall: cuenta de 3;

Aprende ingles con listening:RAW 11/02/08: Ric Flair & Kennedy Face Off

RAW 11/02/08: Ric Flair & Kennedy Face Off por Lordi72

01:21 Well, here we are.
01:26 I gave Ric Flair one week ... one week to give me an answer.
01:33 He's either gonna forfeit and retire - or we gonna do this thing.
01:46 I want an answer ... and-ah right now would be a good time for that.
03:29 So what's it gonna be Ric?
03:33 I don't think we're on the same page.
03:41 This is food for thought. Before you we're born...
03:47 Oh, here we go.
03:48 Yeah.
03:49 Here we go with that crap.
03:50 No, no, no it ain't crap. This is a history lesson...
03:55 Oh, you're gonna give me a lesson?
03:57 ... and guys like you that think you're up here when you really down here need to hear that.
04:03 Thirty-five years ... twice on Sunday, twice on Saturday, seven days a week.
04:12 So someone like you could come along and work a hundred days a year and make a lot of money. That's right.
04:17 Oh, cry me a river.
04:19 That's not a river, it's fact brother. No beg, no brag and if you think you're gonna walk out here on the grandest stage in sports entertainment - ask me to walk out here in front of a crowd like this, tell you that I'm hurt -
04:43 tell you that I'm so hurt that I can't go Sunday
04:48 ... I don't think so.
04:52 Well, if you knew if it was good for ya' ... you would.
04:57 If you know if it was good for you but I guess you don't, do ya?
05:02 Right? You don't know, do ya' Ric? Huh? You just don't know.
05:12 Once again ... you wanted me to walk out here and forfeit?
05:20 You wanted me to do it face to face? I couldn't be any closer.
05:30 The answer is no and you wanna know why?
05:36 Because I've been your world champion 16 times.
05:47 I know you respect that --cause that's what you wanna be once.
05:58 I know that you gotta great future ... but it's not gonna be at the expense of the Nature Boy.
06:08 Oh yeah, you don't think so?
06:09 Yeah, I don't think so.
06:10 You don't think so?
06:11 I don't think so. You have to beat me to get were I am.
06:17 I've got to win to survive. So it's like this KENNEDY at No Way Out - Wooo - the Nature Boy will walk that aisle, brother, as only I have walked for 35 years.
06:36 I will get in this ring and I will live to fight another day! Woooo!


forfeit - food for thought - beg - brag - any closer - aisle
forfeit: rendir; food for thought: algo para pensar seriamente; beg: rogar; brag: alardear; any closer: mas cerca; aisle: pasillo;